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Macho man syndrome is a type of mindset and behavior in which a guy acts like "a macho man", either knowingly or unknowingly. This behavior and mindset is totally unattractive to woman, and will have you struggling to get any woman interested in you, and vice versa.

Macho Man Syndrome Is A Specific Mindset

The mindset is one in which you expect women to look at you and approach you, and you become un-present and oblivious to the opportunities and situation in front of you. First, it's always the wrong mindset to expect women to approach you. You should always be on the lookout to approach them instead. Second, being un-present to the present situation means you're in your head. This means you'll find it much more difficult to converse with people properly, leading to stuttering and making you lost for words.

Walking Around A Club/Bar Like A Macho Man Is The Wrong Behavior

This also means you're in your head and body, and not the environment. In order to successfully approach and connect with women, you need to be present in the environment you're in. Being in your head or body doesn't work.

Being A Macho Man Will Make You Feeling Unfriendly

You will never succeed with women if you're unfriendly. It simply stops you approaching them and makes you feel and look cold. Always be friendly and re-direct that masculine energy towards friendliness and the genuine desire for connection.

You Must Re-Direct Your Macho Energy Towards Friendliness And Connection

Re-directing it is about making a conscious decision to put your mental attention and emphasis on friendliness and connection. Friendliness means being friendly with women in a genuine way. Connection means having your emphasis on truly connecting with her and finding out who she really is on the inside.

What To Expect

Macho man syndrome is very common for big, strong guys who portray a masculine presence. The only cure is to re-direct your energy. The effects of this are simply awesome and will be noticed by women all around.