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Quitting masturbating is extremely important for peak attraction success. Masturbation will make you lose energy, drive and focus very quickly.

Below are some tips to help curb this habit if you suffer from it.

Masturbation Makes You Lazy

Through masturbating, your energy will become lower and you'll lack drive and momentum to reach your goals. This happens very subtly and will not be noticeable at first. The more you masturbate, the more the results will be obvious. The other negative impact is that you want have the mental clarity you need to connect with women successfully, and masturbation doesn't help that.

Masturbation Makes You Fantasise

Fantasising makes you lose a state of presence, which is an absolute fundamental to being able to approach and talk to new women successfully. If you fantasise, you will also develop the momentum to fantasise even more which brings and keeps you out of the presence state as a default.

Masturbation Makes Your Energy Flow In The Wrong Place

In masturbation, your emphasis is on sensual pleasure, fantasising and desire, and it's in these places that your energy will flow. However, where you really want the energy to go is in the state of presence, being able to connect with a woman and being genuinely interested in her. Energy is like an investment, and wherever you put your attention and energy is what you're going to get more of. So placing your emphasis on the latter and not the former is what you must do to succeed.

Masturbation Makes You Lose Masculinity

Masturbation will have you being more reactionary and subordinate in your behavior. This basically means you won't be in control of your life and will be subject to the whims and desires of other people (such as your boss, parents, spouse, friends, colleagues etc).

What To Expect

Your objective should be to quit masturbation altogether. You will only really quit for good when you genuinely realise deep inside how much of a waste of time it is. Second, you will need to re-direct your energy from a focus on masturbation, to a focus on being present, opening a conversation with a new woman and showing genuine interest in her.

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